The Innovation challenge: “The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed.”       William Gibson

hans-v-regenauerInnovation has a lot to do with creativity but it is not the same. Managers tend to mix both processes instead of making sure to separate them.

Creativity is a thinking process whereas innovation is doing. Is creativity in innovation a must have? I don´t think so. Many times I observed even too much of creative thinking in innovation management.

Customer centricity in Consumer Healthcare – Seizing growth beyond expectations III

hans-v-regenauerModerate top-line growth assumptions are feasible for all traditional companies in the field of consumer healthcare.

Most of the multinational CHC companies are exhibiting low to medium single digit organic growth rates. Apparently shareholders can expect more. SME´s are performing superior growth despite limited resources. I am observing this phenomenon for many years with increasing interest.

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