Customer centricity in Consumer Healthcare – Seizing growth beyond expectations

hans-v-regenauer“Commerce is the art of exploiting the need or desire someone has for something.” (Edmond and Jules de Goncourt, July 1864)*
“Hold it wise…/to make a virtue of necessity.” The Canterbury Tales (1387-1400)*

How to grow business long-term in any business is and always was t h e key challenge for marketers. For Consumer Healthcare companies that holds true as well. It doesn´t matter how large or small, national or multi-national a company is. No matter how focused or patchy the portfolio may look like. The well-known options to grow a CHC business are: organic growth through line- and brand-extension, switching RX API´s to OTC, geographical roll-out or expanding the business by external growth through M+A/Licensing –activities. Right? Yes, of course – but not just.

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